About Hiroshima International University / Graduate Schools


University history

1998 Hiroshima International University founded
Healthcare faculty (clinical radiology, clinical engineering, nursing), health and welfare faculty (health and welfare, health service management) established
2001 Human environment faculty (clinical psychology, language and communication, sensitivity information) established
2002 Social environment faculty (information and communication, living environment design, architecture) established in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
2003 Healthcare faculty, nursing department reorganized as nursing faculty, nursing department
Postgraduate nursing research (nursing major), general human science research (medical engineering, clinical psychology, health services management majors) established
2004 Pharmaceutical sciences faculty, pharmaceutical sciences department established in the Kure campus
Health and welfare major added to postgraduate general human science research
2005 Postgraduate general human science research (medical engineering major) changed programs to PhD program
2006 Physical therapy department added to the healthcare department
Human environment faculty reorganized as psychological science faculty
Postgraduate social environment research(information and communication, architecture/environment majors) established
2007 Social environment faculty reorganized as the engineering faculty, mechanics and robotics department added
Applied clinical psychology and communication majors added to the postgraduate general human sciences research
2008 Sensitivity design added to the general human sciences research
2009 Nursing care course added to the health and welfare faculty, health and welfare department
Postgraduate general human science research reorganized as psychology research and health and welfare research
Social environment research reorganized as engineering research
2011 Health services management faculty established in the Hiroshima campus
General rehabilitation department established in the healthcare faculty
Clinical examination major established in the healthcare faculty, clinical engineering department
Communication psychology department established in the psychology science faculty
Obstetric nursing major established
2012 Postgraduate nursing (nursing major) changed program to PhD program.
Postgraduate pharmaceutical sciences (pharmaceutical health care and sciences major) started doctoral program.
2013 Healthcare faculty, general rehabilitation department reorganized as general rehabilitation faculty, rehabilitation department, rehabilitation support department.
Healthcare faculty, clinical engineering department reorganized as healthcare faculty, medical engineering department.
Student application of engineering faculty, information and communication department, socio-environmental design department suspended.
2014 Clinical dietetics and human nutrition faculty, clinical dietetics and human nutrition department newly established.
2015 Psychological science faculty, clinical psychology department, communication and psychology department reorganized as psychology faculty, psychology department.
Student application of postgraduate psychological science (kansei design major) suspended.

Student application of postgraduate psychological science (english and communication major) suspended.


Health and Sports Sciences faculty, health and sports sciences department newly established.

Psychology faculty, clinical nutrition faculty, health services management fuculty, health and welfare faculty reorganized as health and wellness sciences fuculty, psychology department, clinical nutrition department, health services management department, social work department.

Health sciences faculty, medical science and technology department, prehospital emergency

medical sciences course reorganized as health sciences faculty, prehospital emergency

medical sciences department.

Rehabilitation faculty, Assistive rehabilitation department, prosthetics and orthotics course reorganized as rehabilitation faculty, rehabilitation department, prosthetics and orthotics course.