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A message from the President

In November 2023, I took the position of President at Hiroshima International University. I accepted this post with a profound sense of responsibility. Founded in 1998 in the town of Kurose in Kamo-gun District (now Higashihiroshima City with two faculties and five departments of study, Hiroshima International University celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Our institution now spans two campuses, in the city of Kure as well as Higashihiroshima, and has six faculties consisting of 11 departments, four graduate schools consisting of seven graduate majors, and one post-undergraduate course. Our university was founded on an ideal: to train professionals capable of participating in and making a contribution to today's world and job market through practical skills backed by scientific theory for the world, for humanity, and for our community. To that end, we have indeed trained many great professionals in the fields of health, medicine, and social services. It is thanks to the support and contributions we have received from all of you that our university has reached this milestone. It is my hope that we can all join together with our faculty to face the challenges ahead in the further expansion and development of Hiroshima International University.



Juichiro Shimizu

Now, as of late, I have found that I have, on numerous occasions encountered the term "wellbeing" a word expressing happiness and health. The term is used in the charter of the World Health Organization, which states "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." The charter emphasizes an approach to well-being that encompasses happiness and a reason for living, including not only financial abundance but also spiritual abundance and health. Public interest in the concept is also on the rise. The 4th Basic Plan for the Promoti on of Education (2023-2027), a blueprint for educational promotion and development, also cites as one of its concepts the improvement of "well-being" rooted in Japanese society," with factors including a sense of happiness (both present and future, for oneself and those surrounding); connection with others; connection with school and local community; physical and mental health; and a sense of making a contribution to society. The 4th Basic Plan extols the necessity of improving these factors through education.


Our university defines our vision for the future as "a school where we all achieve happiness together—united as human beings; united in way of life; blazing a trail to the future." Our goal, in other words, is to realize the importance of connecting and cooperating with one another for all associated with our university to study, act, and grow together, thereby leading our local community and neighbors to a future filled with joy. The fields of health, medicine, and social welfare all share a deep connection with happiness and well-being. Our connections with our fellow humans are also deeply important to these fields through the preservation of health, preventative treatment, and more. It is therefore our university policy to act with an emphasis on connection, cooperation, and coming together.


In addition, to develop an emphasis on community connection in our health, medicine, and social welfare study programs, we will be establishing a Sociology department incorporating local problem-solving in the 2024 school year. Our Sociology department will offer two majors: Regional Development, where students will work together with local governments, businesses, and residents on policy and urban development matters, cultivating resources that will lead to solutions to local challenges; and Social Work, aimed at developing social workers and mental health professionals capable of grappling with the challenges faced by community members in every walk of life. Furthermore, through partnerships with the local government and others, we have plans to develop the HIU Community Extension Courses, a space to study together with our community, as well as Active Wellness Center, dedicated to extending the lifespans of our local residents and giving them many more happy and healthy years ahead. 


To realize this vision of the future, we will strive to promote an ever-deeper connection between our university and the surrounding community and develop resources that will make a positive contribution to the well-being of our society and of each and every one of our neighbors. I hope we can count on your continued support and collaboration. Thank you very much.