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Message from the president

Greetings from the President

It is my great pleasure to announce my appointment as President of Hiroshima International University on Nov. 1st in 2015.


It has already been 18 years since Hiroshima International University (HIU) was founded in 1998. The university currently has 8 faculties and 10 departments, offering 10 undergraduate majors, 11 post-graduate majors in 5 graduate schools, and 1 1-year course on three campuses-Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima, and Kure. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone in the local communities for making this growth possible.

Japan is now faced with a rapidly aging society. It is predicted that the need for advanced medical and nursing care will increase, and “team medical care” will be essential in responding to this demand. It is crucial that various staff in diverse fields work together in an atmosphere of understanding and mutual respect in order to solve the problems as a team. At the same time, local comprehensive care systems are necessary for developing ongoing home-medical care and home-nursing care. Establishing such systems will require not only medical care professionals, nursing care workers, and other specialists, but also the cooperation of local communities and industries as well as the elderly and their families.


In order to meet the demands of communities, HIU has worked to develop professional human resources to play active parts in the field of health, medical services, and welfare. Recognizing the ever-increasing necessity of collaboration among professionals, the university has stressed in its educational approach the idea of “team medical care,” an approach in which students from different faculties learn from and gain professional respect for one another. I believe that it is our duty to help people in the community develop a deeper understanding of self-health care, home care, and self-help, and mutual aid. To this end, HIU will work to establish in its educational and research activities the principles of “compassion” “investigative spirit” and “cooperation.” It is based on these principles that HIU set up “Hiroshima International University standard” in order to verify the university’s educational contents, methods and goals.


HIU has already produced more than 10,000 professionals working in the field of health, medical services, and welfare. It is my deep desire that the university continue to contribute qualified personnel to local communities and global community.

President, Masuhide Yakehiro


Masuhide Yakehiro