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Local contribution

Strengthening our connections with local communities, we contribute to their liveliness.
Excellent related facilities help foster connections with the local community.

Health Fair

Health fair is held three times a year. We choose the theme every year and organize various events through which health-related information and various opportunities are provided to local people including health monitoring, consultation booth and displays.

Work Experience Session for Children

Work experience sessions are held to provide children various medical related job experiences including nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist, clinical engineer and radiological technologist. We help the children discover the joy and toughness of working and grow their interest in the future and nurture a rich spirit.

Civic Music Festival

Every year, the music festival is held for local people in Higashi Hiroshima Campus. Concerts by famous artists are held and our university’s extracurricular activity groups, local band and chorus groups by primary, secondary and high school students play as well. We aim at revitalizing the local community with the power of music.

Hirokoku Park

FM Higashi Hiroshima broadcasts a weekly live radio program which is all produced by the students including planning, interview, personality etc. The program discovers and introduces the charms of Higashi Hiroshima.

Volunteer Center

The volunteer center gather the information of volunteer activities inside and outside of campus and provide those information to the students. Also, it provides various supports such as lectures and advices to the students who participate in the volunteer activities for the first time.

Psychology clinic center

Psychological Clinic Center accepts many visitors as counseling services open to the local community. It sets up various facilities and equipment to provide support to the visitors of various age who feel distressed. There are only six Graduate Schools which offer the professional curriculum for clinical psychologist and we are the only school in Chugoku Shikoku District.

Osaka center

Located on the 3rd floor of the Mainichi Intesio in Umeda, Osaka, one of the best locations in the nation for access to businesses, our new hub at the Osaka centre is built on our management principle of 'four groups working together' (students, parents, graduates, and educators), and supplies three functions - member of society learning for graduates, parents and members of the public, employment support for current students and graduates, and to serve as an exchange place for people from our group, along with industry and local community people to gather and communicate.